Tailored travel by local experts

Are you

  • keen to see not only the best that Australia has to offer but also some well hidden gems?
  • tired trawling forums for traveller feedback, sifting through hundreds of reviews and evaluating dozens of tour operator websites?
  • simply too busy to organize your next trip?

If you answered 'yes' to any of questions above, this website will help you!

Travel in 3 easy steps

What is inside

  • detailed self-drive route for the specific region based on real experience
  • every point of interest has a photo, detailed information and coordinates
  • additional materials such as trails maps, hints and tips are included
  • trips can be easily adjusted if you have kids / love hiking / have some special needs / etc. - just read our recommendations inside the routes!
  • works offline

About us

  • We are team of three photographers, two experienced hikers and a certified tour-guide (plus two developers and four cats!)
  • We have an extensive travel experience across Australia - literally, in last ten years we've been almost everywhere from Cape York to Tasmania!
  • We are NOT a tour operator and are not getting any commissions for places that we recommend to visit -- all recommendations are based on our personal experience